Cabrillo 805 Las Palomas in Las Palomas, Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point is Sold!

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The apartment at Cabrillo 805 Las Palomas has
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Where to Find Cheap Flights? (Part 2)

Welcome back! This will be the last part in this two part series covering some of the resources and websites available online that help people get cheaper, more inexpensive flights. We covered two of the larger resources in the previous post, but there are hundreds more online.

We’ll be rounding out our recommendations with the remaining resources on the list…


Skyscanner isn’t too well known, but it’s a goldmine of information for people looking to book flights. Like any site that allows for people to search for inexpensive airfare, it has standard features such as booking only nonstop flights, flights with one connection, flights with two connections, and so on. What’s neat about this site is that it also lets you see some of the more popular tourist destination that people are flying to and from all over the globe. You’d be surprised as to where people are heading!


Kiwi combines all airlines, small, large, and budget, into one search. This is a great option for people who are not too picky about which airlines they fly. But because of this, Kiwi almost always has some of the cheapest flights around. However, it’s always good to do a little research about the airlines you’re flying, and whether or not you can still receive miles and points from them!


While Cheapoair only covers flights to and from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, it’s a great resource for people who love to get discounts by using promo and other exclusive codes. There are many websites that support Cheapoair, and subscribing to them can save you a few dollars or more if you decide to book a flight.

While vacations are really priceless, everyone looking to get away and relax can benefit from these online resources! Save some money the next time you decide to treat yourself to a vacation!


Where to Find Cheap Flights? (Part 1)

If there is one thing that is a universal truth about vacations, it is that they are priceless experiences. But… booking flights, hotels, paying for food and drinks, and basically everything else is sure to cost you a pretty penny or two. Luckily, there are tons of resources online that can help you find cheaper flights than what you see in a Google search!

Here are just a few resources and websites for you to check out the next time you’re looking to book a flight for a Rocky Point getaway…

Airfare Watchdog

This site is pretty sophisticated, despite being one of the lesser known flight resources around. Airfare Watchdog lets users search for flights, as well as compare flight prices of different airlines. There are also other special features that the site uses, including having a flexible date range option. You can also sign up to receive notifications, which let you know when the price of a flight you’ve been looking at drops.

Student Universe

The people who created Student Universe know just how expensive college can be, which is why they created a resource just for students in order to find inexpensive flights. They have a website and an app, so that finding your next flight is easier (and cheaper) than ever. It is probably the only site that gives students the most expensive flights around, some amounting to up to 50% off the original price. For those who subscribe to their emails, you can receive special promo codes that can discount the flight you want to book even further! They also have a section for deals on hotels. Any trip you book through Student Universe is automatically saved to your account, so you can look back on all of the trips you made using them.

3 Safety Tips for Enjoying the Ocean

Whenever you and your family decides to take a vacation to Rocky Point, you’ll obviously all want to hit the beach. Whether you enjoy laying on the sand with a good book or jumping right into the ocean, there are some safety measures that must always be addressed, especially when it comes to family trips with younger children. Here are just a few ways that you can ensure the safety of your children and friends while enjoying the wonderful temperature of the Sea of Cortez…

  • Always be watching your children: This should really go without saying, but we can be easily distracted by things like our phones, books, or other people. Whenever your child is in the ocean, be sure to keep an eye on them to ensure their absolute safety. This is even more important in areas without lifeguards on duty.
  • Never swim in the ocean at night: There is usually a certain hour where people are no longer allowed on the beach, and for a good reason. First, it’s generally unsafe to be around water without a lifeguard on duty, and you also won’t be able to gauge how deep the water is, or where you are relative to land when it’s dark outside. To stay safe, obey the laws about when it’s acceptable to go into the ocean.
  • Don’t venture out past certain points and markers: While exploring Rocky Point is always advised, swimming beyond certain points or markers isn’t. They are there for a reason: to protect you and others. If you or your children swim too far out, you might be subject to scraping your feet on sharp objects, or could be in the way of local fishermen or other boats.

While having fun in Rocky Point should be a top priority, being safe should always be number one!

History of Rocky Point (Part 2)

Welcome back to our two part series covering the interesting and rich history of Rocky Point! We covered the beginnings of Rocky Point in the first part of our series, and have even more history for you to read right now. In the last article, we ended by mentioning that Rocky Point became a popular destination for people from Arizona and California during the time of prohibition. To touch upon this subject again for a brief moment, it has also been noted that notorious American crime leader Al Capone frequently visited the city!

In 1932, Rocky Point really began to grow in population size because of the railroad that had been built from Baja passing through almost all of Mexico, that the Mexican president at the time, Lazaro Cardenas, had even designated a police force to be accountable in Rocky Point.

The entire 1940s was a great time for Rocky Point as well, as the railroad prompted people to move to the area and many plans were set in place. Many of these plans revolved around the establishment of things like city centers, actual layouts for buildings and where they would go, etc.

However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that Rocky Point became a major tourist destination. This was actually backed by both the Mexican government as well as a number of private investors. They had carried out a number of things in their initial plan, which included things like condominiums, hotels, and additional restaurants. The goal of this was similar to why Mexico didn’t have something like prohibition in earlier history: to take advantage of the fact that Rocky Point is so close to the United States, and that Arizona in particular doesn’t have a beach.

Luckily, all of their initial plans payed off, seeing that Rocky Point is a relatively popular tourist destination year round, with countless things to do and see.

History of Rocky Point (Part 1)

Puerto Penasco, Mexco, better known by Americans as Rocky Point, is an extremely popular vacation and wedding destination for many. After all, the weather is wonderful all year round, the food is delicious and authentic, and there are many things to do in the area, such as hiking, fishing, and obviously swimming in the ocean! But Rocky Point also has a very rich and interesting history that dates back as far as the late 1800s.

But the late 1800s? In retrospect, Rocky Point hasn’t been around for that long compared to many other cities in the US and Mexico, so why so late? In fact, no one had really settled in Rocky Point until the 1920s, because the area, despite being close to the Sea of Cortez, lacks in natural drinking water. The small population experienced a short boom in the following twenty years due to the construction of a railroad line connecting the city of Baja to the rest of Mexico, passing through Rocky Point. This rail line was crucial to Rocky Point becoming a popular area because it allowed for goods to travel through the city, making it a place that people could live in if they so choose.

A major source of income for many in the area was fishing, and still is for a majority of residents. When the fishing season was full force, numerous people from all over the extended region would camp out on beaches, hoping to catch enough fish to bring in a substantial pay check, or to feed their families. Interestingly enough, one of the fish that many came to catch was actually the Totoaba fish. While you technically can’t eat this fish, they were once used as a form of medicine, and still are in some circumstances.

People from both California and Arizona flocked to Rocky Point during the American prohibition, as alcohol was legal in Mexico at the time.

TWOSTOREY For Sale in None, Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point

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2 Story Home with Ocean Views


2000 sqft

3 bath

4 bdrm



299000 USD .

2nd Row Home

4 Bedroom/ 3 Bathroom Furnished 2 Story Home in Las Conchas.
Special features include:

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Useful Spanish Words and Phrases to Know

When you go to Rocky Point, you’ll want the experience to be as authentic as possible. But many people who vacation in the area don’t know how to speak Spanish! While we aren’t suggesting to find a class in your local area and suddenly become fluent, there are a lot of useful, small phrases that you can learn right here and use the next time you go to Mexico! Luckily, many people who live in the area year round or citizens of Mexico are more than happy to speak both English (for those who know the language) and Spanish to tourists. They are also very friendly, and many are willing to help you with certain words or pronunciations if you need help! Here is a small list of words and phrases that you should find useful in Rocky Point…

  • Hello: Hola (OH-lah)
  • Good Morning: Buenos Dias (booEHN-os DEE-as)
  • Good Evening/Night: BuenasNoches (booEHN-as NO-chehs)
  • Goodbye: Adios (ah-dee-OHS)
  • I Am Lost: EstoyPerdido (ehs-TOY pehr-DEE-doh)
  • Where is the bathroom?:Dondeesta el bano? (DOHN-dehehs-TAH el BAH-neyo)
  • Please: Por favor (pohr fah-VOR)
  • Thank You: Gracias (grah-SEE-ahs)
  • You are welcome/ no problem/ it was no big deal: De nada (deh NA-da)
  • How much does it cost?:Cuanto cuesta? (kooAN-to KWEHS-ta)
  • I do not understand: Yo no comprendo (yoh no kom-PREN-doh)
  • What time is it?: Que hora es? (keh OR-ah ehs)

The Spanish language is one of the most beautiful languages out there. It has a deep, rich history, and the Spanish that they speak in Mexico is actually different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. While many people in Rocky Point do speak English, these words and phrases are good to know if you come across someone who doesn’t speak English. Rocky Point is an excellent place to travel, and don’t think that not speaking Spanish should ever stop you from going!

How To Protect Your Tattoos At The Beach

While the sun won’t be shining in most states through the winter, it most certainly shines bright in Rocky Point, year round! With that in mind, many people with tattoos will be showing them off on the great beaches. However, it’s equally, if not more important to protect your tattoo from the sun like you do for the rest of your body.

Why? Tattoos that are exposed to the sun can result in fading colors, can even camouflage signs of skin cancer, or could even prevent a screening from confirming any signs of skin cancer.

Next time you’re in Rocky Point and hit the beach, keep these tips in mind…

  • Find a sunscreen with a high SPF. You should be applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to your tattoos, along with the rest of your body. Unfortunately, those who have just recently gotten a tattoo should keep their tattoos out of the sun for at least the first four weeks after its finished. Chap stick-style sunscreens also work well when it comes to protecting your ink. Unlike regular lotions, a chap stick helps to outline the tattoo itself, which helps to avoid missing any spots.
  • Reapply your sunscreen frequently. While it’s recommended to reapply sunscreen every two to three hours, it’s an absolute necessity when it comes to protecting your tattoos. Even if you apply sunscreen to your tattoo every two to three hours, you must reapply every time you get out of the water, even if you’ve only applied it thirty minutes prior to your swim.
  • For tattoos less than one month old, keep the tattoo out of the water. Sorry, but this can’t be avoided whatsoever. Obviously, showers are fine. You have to shower anyways. But if you want to go in the pool or the ocean, you’ll be ruining the artwork, and basically wasting your money. New tattoos can’t be soaking, because it disrupts the entire healing process. Therefore, plan your tattoo accordingly before you go on vacation.

Protect your skin, your tattoo, but remember… have fun!

SINGLESTOR For Sale in None, Las Conchas

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1053 sqft

2 bath

3 bdrm



249000 USD .

2nd Row from Ocean

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom home on 2nd row lot in Las Conchas Subdivision.

Special Features of this home include:

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