Passage to Puerto Peñasco Part One: The Budget

Rocky Point is a clear contender for favorite Mexico travel destination amongst the locals of the American Southwest as well as the seasonal travelers (‘Snow Birds’) we talked about previously in the blog. Whether you’re planning a trip for a quick and packed weekend of fun, or scouting out the location to consider making a move this multi-piece series we’ll be going over will give you the know how to travel confidently. First an estimated budget, followed by getting across the Border itself, a Hit List of To-Do’s that would make Anthony Bourdain proud, and close out with a pitch.

Why Move to Rocky Point?

First, the Budget. The last thing anyone wants is to be knee-deep in the delightful blue waves of the Gulf of California, margarita in hand and realize the good times have come to a close…They are broke! It is always key to plan ahead.A couple of disclaimers: This plan will not include costs of travel or room. Those you will have covered before even stepping foot into Mexico, and accounted for the money. We will also assume this is a weekend trip. From there we can build it out and if your trip has you staying in paradise longer just do the math to multiply it out.

Food & Drink

The food in Rocky Point, especially the fish, is delicious and the drinks plentiful. The average meal for two in a midrange restaurant runs about $16 and a half bucks. Let’s round that up to $20 to be safe, (it is always better to over-estimate than under,) and assume that for break and lunch you’ll be sticking to those midrange eateries or street food. For a nice dinner, the most expensive places listed on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp comes in at roughly $30, though this does not include drinks. Keep in mind that most drinks will run you anywhere from $2 for a beer to more costly cocktails. All said and done I would recommend pocketing away at least $250 to be completely comfortable in the food and drink department. It’s a vacation, let loose!


Souvenir budget is entirely up to you and your type of shopping habits. Some people can’t leave a new place without a knick-knack for them and every member of the family; others are content with memories. Before going set a definite cap on how much you’re willing to spend on each and stick to it. The last thing you need is to be unable to enjoy an activity because you grabbed Aunt Deb, another large clay dolphin for the collection. Regardless of the limit, shopping is grand in the Point and you will be able to find something for every price.


Snorkeling, hiking, jet skiing, and more surround this destination. Costs vary wildly of course. Hiking the beautiful landscape will cost you nothing more than time and water, while renting a jet ski can run roughly $60-80 an hour. Many things fall in between those price points with paddle boarding a cool $20 per hour; banana boat rides for $10, or renting snorkel gear for $12. Again this is a facet that is entirely up to your plans, but working with an idea of an activity fund of $100 a day is safe. You certainly won’t spend all that each time, but you’ll be happy to have the extra when you need it.


It’ll happen. You’ll need something you hadn’t considered or packed when you left home. Incidentals are found cheap but as mentioned in a prior blog, keeping a cushion of a couple hundred will keep you feeling secure.

Alright, all totaled together, not counting travel, souvenirs, and board (which can range wildly!) a two day, jam packed vacation to Rocky Point budget should come in around $500-700. This budget is a baseline and should not be taken as law, look at what you’d like to accomplish while on vacation and you can fine tune it to personal perfection. This is budgeting for travel, not traveling on a budget

Manny’s Tequila Factory For The Tequila Aficionado

Everyone loves to unwind with a drink, and what’s a better way to do that than with some good, ole’ fashioned tequila?! Whenever you’re in Rocky Point, whether it be on vacation or for work, you won’t want to miss out on Manny’s Tequila Factory. With six different types of tequila and nine different flavor options, there is something for everyone at the factory.

The factory is actually a joint venture between Manny’s Beach Club, where you can taste all of the delicious tequila that’s available, and La Cava de los Compadres, a tequila brewery in a different location.

So aside from all of the tequila tasting your body can handle, what’s the draw? For some, it’s only the tastings, but for others who have a keen interest in tequila, it’s the guided tour where you can learn about the process of how Manny’s tequila is made.

What makes this tour so unique is that the factory is owned and maintained by a small family, who have passed the tradition of tequila making down for the last three generations. The family has exceeded in the production of fine quality tequila, as they guarantee that each batch is never made with chemicals, and is always made using 100% blue agave. For them, tequila isn’t merely a drink, it’s a passion. Not only will a tour of the factory provide those interested with the history of tequila and general information about making tequila in small batches, the staff is also well equipped to answer any and all questions related to tequila and its production.

Even though you can’t see the tequila being made, the factory is adorned with tequila being aged in large, authentic oak barrels, as well as a variety of other tequila products and local trinkets.

The six types of tequila includeblanco, reposado, anejo, triple distilled, antiguo, and gold. Their eclectic nine flavors include coffee, caramel, pina colada, almond, raspberry, apple, pomegranate, quince, and peach.

Single Story For Sale in Sonoran Sea, Sandy Beach

Photo Link
West Tower

•  1,141 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story$299,000. Ground Floor
MLS® #16-128  

– Fully furnished 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath GROUND FLOOR Condo.

Special Features of this condo include:
– Unobstructed OCEAN VIEWS
– Master Bedroom with Ocean Views
– Master Bedroom with private access to patio
– Master Bedroom with sitting area
– Steps to the pool and ocean

Sonoran Sea Resort is a low density resort with 2 towers consisting of a total of 228 condominiums.
The resort amenities include:
*3 Oceanfront Swimming Pools (One pool has a slide and the main pool with swim-up bar is heated in the winter)
*2 Jacuzzis
* Swim up Bar
*Fitness Center
*Children’s Play Area
*BBQ Area
*Tennis Court
*Dog Run
*Computer Center
*24 Hour Security
*Gated Entrance

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Single Story For Sale in Sonoran Sun, Sandy Beach

Top Floor, End Unit with Wrap Patio

•  1,616 sq. ft., 2 bath, 3 bdrm single story$499,500. Garage Option

– Sonoran Sun 1001W – 3 Bd/2 Ba Fully Furnished Penthouse Condo This condo also has a garage that can be purchased separately for $30,000! Special features include:

Sonoran Sun is a low density resort with 2 towers consisting of a total of 228 condominiums.

Sonoran Sun Resort Amenities include:

-Swimming pools (one heated in winter)
-Swim up bar
-Ocean views
-On Site Convenience Store
-Secure available parking for resort guest
-Luxurious Lobby
-On Site Workout Facilities
-Pool Chair Islands and Pool Chairs
-Outdoor Pool Showers
-Handicap Access Ramps
-Large Sunset Garden

Property information

Rocky Point Packing “Do’s” And “Don’ts”

So, you’re headed to Rocky Point! You look around the room and it seems like you have everything you need in order. Your passport is ready and up-to-date, you’ve packed more bathing suits than you’ll actually wear, and you’ve already planned out how you will spend every beautiful, sunny day.

But aside from those things, do you really have everything you think you’ll need? Whether you are a seasoned packer or are packing for your first vacation, here are some important “do’s” and “don’ts” before you head off for your Rocky Point adventure.


  • Documents and Money: It should be common sense that you’ll be bringing your passport along. What would you really need, anyways? Well, quite a bit if you want to keep your vacation in order. Thus, it’s best to bring hard copies of your health insurance, travel insurance (if you have it), hotel reservations, tour reservations, and anything of a similar nature. Despite living in the digital age, you might not be able to access these important documents from your phone when you might need those most. Likewise, it’s crucial to bring enough money with you. If you decide to carry cash, overestimate on how much you expect to spend, just as an extra cushion for any purchases you’ll make.
  • Clothing and Personal Items: You’ve probably checked the weather at least once a day leading up to your vacation, and you’ve probably packed your suitcase accordingly. Even if your vacation is in the dead of summer, just be sure to pack one jacket or light sweater! If not for the weather outside, then definitely for the hotel room. The same applies for vacations in the winter; you’ll never know when a short sleeve shirt might come in handy! On that note, be sure you have a list of all the toiletries, medications, and other items you use on a daily basis. You wouldn’t want to be halfway to Rocky Point and realize you’ve forgotten something important.


  • Work items: You’re packing for a Rocky Point vacation, so you should only be packing for that. As tempted as you might be to bring along your work laptop, don’t do it. Not only would it get in the way of you enjoying your time to relax and rejuvenate from your everyday life, it would also be a catastrophe if it were stolen or damaged.
  • Expensive jewelry: Yes, it might be flashy and fancy, but it’s also something you should avoid bringing. Definitely pack the jewelry you wear on a regular basis, and wear it for the right occasion. But definitely avoid those finer pieces you might own, like family heirlooms, diamonds, and the like. If something were to happen to them, they are usually more difficult and even impossible to replace.

Best Hiking And Sightseeing Trails In The Area

Rock Point isn’t only for the young spring breakers, vacationing beach bums, or hardcore surfers. It’s for the hikers, too! Despite Rocky Point being a popular destination for the activities mentioned previously, the area’s beautiful landscapes, seaside cliffs, and mountains make for incredible hiking trails suitable for people of all ages.

For those interested in travelling beyond the beach, one of the most popular locations to hike and sight-see is the El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve. The Biosphere itself is extremely unique, and offers something interesting and fun for everyone. Are you interested in the wildlife? The Biosphere is home to more than 540 plant species, 200 birds, and 40 species of both mammals and reptiles. If that doesn’t sound enticing, the Biosphere also covers the area of thee volcanic peaks: Medio, Carnegie, and Pinacate. But don’t worry, volcanic activity has been dormant for quite some time. If you want to explore those areas in depth, the Pinacate Peaks offer a number of cinder cones and craters to roam around.

Another wonderful place to visit on your Rocky Point vacation is Isla San Jorge, otherwise known as Bird Island. Located roughly 40km southeast of Rocky Point, a short boat ride to the island will lead you right into the heart of Mexico’s largest colony of sea lions. With an estimated 2,500 living around the island, you can see them lounging about the shore, swimming up to boats, and playing with each other in their natural habitats.Aside from the exciting wildlife, the island is also a perfect place to take a long stroll along the shore, or show off your rock climbing skills!

If you’re trying to stay close to the beach, check out Cholla Bay. Venturing around can lead you to find the Bay’s best wonders including large sea cliffs, volcanic rock formations, and even a few rock sculptures.

Perfect Beach-Inspired Beverages To Kick Off Your Vacation

In the words of Jimmy Buffet, “it’s five o’clock somewhere!” And in Rocky Point, those lyrics are always a reality. Whenever you decide that the clock strikes five, you might be wondering, “what should I drink?”

There is nothing wrong with ordering your regular “go-to” from the bar by your house, and sometimes keeping it safe is a good option. However, your vacation in Rocky Point is supposed to be a break from your everyday routine! Therefore, kickback and relax with a few beach-inspired beverages to match your perfect Rocky Point getaway.

  • Keep it classic. You don’t need to know much about Mexico to know that it’s the tequila capitol of the world.Whether you’re taking shots, sipping on a tequila sunrise, or downing a margarita, tequila reflects some of the very essence of Mexican culture and history. So go ahead, order that margarita you’d otherwise avoid. And for something out of the ordinary, feel free to spice up your drink with a few pinches of serrano pepper.
  • Keep it sexy. Maybe you’re a bit hesitant to go up to your bartender and say, “I’ll have a sex on the beach, please.” Whatever reason has kept you from ordering this delicious drink, it’s time to break out of your comfort zone and try it out. After all, with a name like “sex on the beach,” it can’t be bad! Usually made with peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry, and orange juice, the drink itself has a number of variations you probably don’t know. For instance, if you really want to keep to the beach theme, have the bartender substitute vodka with coconut rum for a more tropical vibe. If “sex on the beach” seems too laid back for your style, you can always order “sex on fire,” where vodka is substituted with cinnamon whiskey.
  • Keep it fresh. If you think you’ve exhausted all of your options on the cocktail menu, order something completely new! Thanks to the mixologists at Tipsy Bartender, let your bartender know about the “Long Beach Tea Cocktail.” As a fruity and beachy themed cocktail, it’s made up of cranberry vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, lemon sour mix, cranberry juice, fresh lemon juice, and garnished with cranberries and lemon slices. If that doesn’t sound like the epitome of your vacation, than I don’t know what does!

Hunting Down Unique Rocky Point Souvenirs

Puerto Penasco, or as it is better known, Rocky Point, is one of the most unique vacation destinations in all of North America. It offers amazing weather, gorgeous beaches, delicious food, endless fun, and incredible culture. It is also home to some of the most unique, handmade souvenirs you can find anywhere in the world. As you browse the shops of Rocky Point, you can find jewelry, bracelets, woven blankets, clothing, or anything else your heart may desire. One thing is for sure, when it comes to hunting down unique souvenirs, you can’t think of a better vacation destination than Rocky Point, Mexico.

Endless Eclectic Art

Artisan pottery shops offer a wide range of unique pottery pieces that can enhance any interior or exterior decor. Even high-quality artwork and elegant home furnishings can be found in many of the shopping districts of Rocky Point. Also, candles, lamps, sculptures and small eclectic pieces of art can be picked up at very reasonable prices when visiting this beautiful part of coastal Mexico. Art enthusiasts will find unique custom pieces of art that reflect the local culture in a beautiful and inspiring way.

Shops That Never End

Another important aspect of shopping Rocky Point, is that there are even several American shops that offer unique pottery, cigars, and a wide array of locally made tequila. Women will particularly enjoy the wide variety of purses and accessories available throughout the Rocky Point area. There are many areas in Rocky Point that feature rows and rows of individual shops that line the streets. Best of all, these areas also feature a wide variety of excellent restaurants that make available a variety of local delicious Mexican foods. Finally, one of the most popular beaches in the area is known as Sandy Beach.

The Weather in Rocky Point

When most people plan their vacation they want to go to a destination with beautiful weather. They are seeking amazing climate. They want the beach and the sun and some palm trees. They want warm sand and cool breezes. In short, they want to visit Rocky Point, even if they do not know it yet. The coastal region of Mexico in which Rocky Point is located is home to some of the most pristine weather in the entire world. Best of all, it is only hours away from the American border. The question is, why aren’t you here already?

Perfect Mexico Vacation

One thing that makes this area of coastal Mexico so unique is that it has on average about two inches of rain each year. This one fact alone makes it clear to see why Rocky Point is considered a perfect Mexico vacation destination just because of it’s amazing year-round weather. Enjoying paradise is easier than ever before thanks to all that this beautiful part of enchanted Mexico has to offer. Spring is typically associated with some of the best weather of the entire year in Rocky Point. Temperatures usually range between 60 and 80° on any given day.

Season After Season

Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain, and that is that Rocky Point is a special and memorable place for all to enjoy. From international vacationers to those living within a few hours drive of this coastal resort, enjoying Rocky Point is becoming increasingly popular season after season. Exploring all that this wonderful area has to offer is a simple as learning more about leasing, renting or purchasing a property. Fortunately, there are some experienced and knowledgeable realtors that specialize in the Rocky Point area that can help. One realtor in particular that is a leader in the region is Rocky Point Dan. Contact Dan today to learn more.

Single Story For Sale in Princesa, Sandy Beach

Photo Link
End Unit w/ Upgrades

•  1,148 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story$182,000. OCEAN FRONT BUILDING
MLS® #16-447  

– Princesa E201 is a 2bd/2ba fully furnished condominium.

Special Features of this condo include:
End unit
Extra patio door
Granite Kitchen Counter tops

Princesa Resort amenities include the following:

-3 Pools
-Beach Volley Ball Court
-Convenience Store
-Wireless Internet
-Large Landscaped Common Area
-24 Hour Security

Princesa resort is a popular resort with limited inventory. Must see!!

Property information