10 Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Next Vacation (Part 1)

Have you ever been so excited for a vacation that you actually overlooked some very important things when planning your trips? We’ve all done this before. And no one should really be ashamed of it! After all, being super excited for a vacation is something we all go through! However, it can sometimes lead to ruining your entire vacation. Without further ado, here are the 10 biggest mistakes that people make when planning for a vacation:

  1. Booking flights too close together.

Whenever you’re planning a trip, it’s crucial that you give yourself enough time in the airport to catch your additional flights. Even if you’ve scheduled your connections with two hours in between flights, it’s best to reschedule them so that you have at least three to four hours before the next flight. Why? Even if the weather might be perfect, you never know if there will be an issues with security, the plane itself, or just getting lost in the airport. Flights can be delayed at any time, for any possible reason. Don’t get stuck, plan for a possible delay.

  1. Over packing.

Packing everything you need is extremely important for any trip, even if it’s just an overnight trip! Just be careful to not over pack your bags. Not only will this cause issues at the airport if your bag is overweight, but you’ll want to leave yourself enough room to purchase and pack any clothes or items you buy abroad!

  1. Under packing.

Under packing for a vacation can be just as much of an issue as over packing. The thing is, under packing means you’ll have to buy clothes in whatever place you’re going to. Not only can this be costly, but you could run into the issue of stores not having your size, or not being able to find things that you can wear.

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