Get Involved Part One

You have made the move, living in paradise on the beach, now what? You’ve done all your vacation activities when you came out to inspect the turf. What do you do now to resettle and become a part of the community? Join a club or organization!

  • American Legion Post MX 15
    • If you’re a veteran, then you have a built in thecommunity just waiting for you. Between October and June, they gather the 1st Tuesday of every month at 383 Francisco Leon de la Barra.
  • Book & Movie Exchange
    • Based in the Rocky Point Times Office at 383-6325 Ave. PinoSaurez, off Calle 13. Stop in Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and pick up a book or movie. Just bring it back when you’re done! If you have any extras, like two copies of Baseketball for whatever reason, feel free to donate them and keep the exchange filled!
  • Anti-Graffiti Campaign
    • You’re in your new home, help the community keep it lookin’ Founded by Eloy Gonzalez, this group’s goal is to keep unsightly graffiti wiped out. Don’t want to put the elbow grease but happy to donate? That’s fine too: brushes, rolled, and paint are always welcome.
  • Old Boys Social Club
    • The group holds monthly meetings, donated to other local charities and organizations and set up a bunch of different events for the community like the BASH: a party/BBQ in April welcome to everyone.

This list was compiled from the Rocky Point Times website, a local paper to keep you up to date. When living in a new locale such as Rocky Point, it really benefits you to become a part of the community and make yourself a local, not just another vacationer, lest you miss out on all the joys the people have to offer!

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