Get Involved Part Two

Last time we talked about some social groups to join up with while in Rocky Point to really join the community and not just live a solitary life on the beach (though there is nothing wrong with that either!) This time we are looking at more volunteer and donation opportunities to utilize your time. Everyone loves a sunny beach and a bellyful of margarita, but doing good can be the most fulfilling experience of all.

  • Adopt-A-Classroom
    • Provides basic school supplies to local classrooms. Run by Barbara Olszewski; this organization accepts donations at the Rocky Point Boat Trips Office. Find out more @
  • Amor Ministries
    • Responsible for building over a thousand new homes across Mexico for Mexican families. Find out more at
  • Cholla Bay Christmas Party
    • This organization is responsible for a Christmas party for the Cholla Bay Mexican neighbors. Santa and photos, children get to pick a gift for their mothers, sing-a-long and various Christmas acitivities. After the fun Santa makes his rounds giving presents to the children as well as food boxes for the families.
  • Charities Foundation
    • Helping Mexican families who live and work in the Cholla Bay area with emergency expenses. Also,collecst and distributes blankets and warm clothing for children. Donations may be dropped at Xochitl’s Café in Cholla Bay.
  • Esperanza Para Los Niños
    • This is a home (note: NOT an orphanage. The children have families.) that provides temporary housing for children who cannot be cared for by their families for a myriad of factors. Always in need of fresh foods, supplies, and help with their bills.

Make no mistake, many of these organizations are more in need of supplies than workforce, but it never hurts to give back in any capacity. Living somewhere is often more than just moving some boxes, it is planting roots and making yourself a member of the community as a whole.

*This list was again compiled from the lists of Clubs and Organizations page of the Rocky Point Times Website.

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